AOA member Yu-na [FNC Entertainment]

AOA member Yu-na [FNC Entertainment]

My name is… Yu-na. Real name Suh Yu-na.

My hometown is Busan. I came to Seoul when I was 18 and that’s when I became a trainee. I’m happy when I run into people who speak in regional dialects. I like that Jung Yong-hwa of CNBLUE at our agency is from Busan as well.

I took on my first leading role in a musical in Japan. And I discovered a charm to it because it seated 1,800 audiences which is bigger than I had expected it to be. We’ll have a showcase in Japan on the 23rd so it’ll bring back memories.

I played the piano since I was young. I’d been very interested in singing as well so I got into our agency by singing while playing the piano for the audition. I still want to become better at playing the piano so I’m trying to learn jazz piano too.

I like ballad tunes. That’s why I want to sing ballads as well as Baek Ji-young does and become the queen of original soundtracks. I’d also like to be able to sing while playing the piano like Younha.

We don’t meet CNBLUE and FTISLAND often although we’re under the same agency as them. They’re so busy… But our training rooms are in the same building so we go watch them practice and it’s amazing how they connect just by exchanging glances. We need to hurry and build on experience too!




AOA member Min-a [FNC Entertainment]

AOA member Min-a [FNC Entertainment]

My name is… Min-a. Real name Kwon Min-a.

I tried my hand at acting through a recent KBS drama special. Member Seol-hyun currently appears in SBS drama “Foolish Person Advisory” (translated title) and Hye-jeong played the younger sister of Moon Geun-young in SBS’s “Cheongdam-dong Alice.” I’d like to become a good actor and singer.

I’m in charge of playing the bass. I’ve played it for about three years now. I wasn’t sure I’d become good at it but once I realized how much fun it is, everything about it has become fun.

I dreamt of becoming a singer watching Lee Jung-hyun. I was so moved watching her sing and dance on stage when I was in first grade. I’d really like to meet her someday and tell her I’m a fan.

At home, I’m in charge of the laundry. We’re noisy when we’re at home because there’s eight of us but we each have a role. From cleaning to doing the dishes to doing the laundry, everybody does their job well without complaining.

I like Japanese band Mr. Children. They’re able to pull off so many genres. I once almost cried listening to them because I was so moved. I too would like to do move people while doing various genres of music. 




AOA member You-kyung [FNC Entertainment]

AOA member You-kyung [FNC Entertainment]

My name is… You-kyung. Real name Suh You-kyung.

I’m the drummer of AOA. I’m only part of AOA Black which is a band and not AOA White which does dance music. I got into college this year with my drum skills as well.

I’ve played the drums since I was in seventh grade. I also joined a band as soon as I learned to play the drums. I liked music so much that I dropped out of high school and joined a major band called Sponge Band… But it didn’t do well so I was in the indie scene and performed with famed guitarist Kim Se-hwang as well.

When I was in elementary school I was a good student that studied hard. But the celebrity I liked at the time liked Japanese rock music and I fell in love with it as well after looking into it out of curiosity. The Japanese band was Dir en grey and they do death metal. I’m learning to compose songs these days but I sometimes enter a whole world of my own that revolves around metal so I have to control myself.

The strength about bands is that they can produce complete sounds only when everybody is together. It won’t be complete when someone isn’t there.

Reporter, Editor. Park Su Jeong
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment