After School's Nana Injured During Performance

After School’s Nana. [Pledis Entertainment]

K-pop group After School member Nana is resuming her activities after a two-month break from a pelvis injury she suffered in June.

Nana will appear on the runway of a-nation’s “NYLON” fashion show, a special event for girls at the big-scale Japanese music festival, set to be held at the island stage near National Gymnasia for the Tokyo Olympics’s first stadium next Sunday.

The 21-year-old singer will share the stage with popular Japanese models Kozue Akimoto, AMO, IMALU, Una, YiRan and emma at the finale show of the nine-day collaboration event between a-nation and Girls Award, one of the biggest fashion-music events in Japan.

The model-turned-idol has walked the runway in Japan before as one of the main models for the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show in 2011, and making regular appearances on TV Tokyo’s fashion program “TOKYO BRANDNEW GIRLS” last year.

After School is prepping for their activities in Japan with their second fan meeting “’Play Girlz Japan’ FAN MEETING 2013-WELCOME BACK! AFTERSCHOOL-” at the Shinkiba Studio Coast in Tokyo on August 24, and they are set to drop their upcoming fifth Japan single this fall.

Reporter. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Pledis Entertainment