Chris Evans

American actor Chris Evans enters the press conference for “Snowpiercer” held in Seoul, Korea on July 29, 2013 [TenAsia/ Gue Hye Jung]

Director Bong Joon-ho’s highly-anticipated film “Snowpiercer” railed its way up to the top spot of the Korean box office this weekend.

The film starring a number of A-list actors including Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and Song Kang-ho, boarded over 2.26 million moviegoers during the weekend of August 2 to 4, the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) showed on Monday.

The pic has also sold over 3.2 million tickets in just five days of its release on July 31, following after Kim Soo-hyun’s “Secretly Greatly” in terms of garnering over three million audiences in the shortest time period. “Secretly Greatly” attracted over 3.4 million viewers in five days of its release in early June.

“Snowpiercer” centers on a train and its passengers who are the only survivors on Earth and they believe that the mankind will come to an end if the train stops.

The runner-up was Ha Jung-woo’s thriller pic “THE TERROR LIVE,” which performed well also by nabbing in close to 1.2 million moviegoers over the weekend.

The film centers around a news anchor (Ha Jung-woo) on a radio program who breaks the news of a terrorist act exclusively and live.

Animated film “Turbo”stayed at third place after selling around 355,900 tickets while funny guy Park Myung-soo’s “The Smurfs 2” took fourth place after pulling in almost 300,000 moviegoers.

Lee Byung-hun’s Hollywood blockbuster “RED 2,” also featuring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Catherine Zeta-Jones and John Malkovich, rounded off the top five after selling around 194,500 tickets.

Other movies much-enjoyed included Hollywood’s SF blockbuster “Pacific Rim,” Hugh Jackman’s” The Wolverine,” Japanese animated film “DORAEMON THE MOVIE NOVITAIN THE SECRET GADRETS MUSEUM,” and 2PM Junho’s action pic “Cold Eyes.”

Reporter. Lee Eun Ah
Photographer. Gue Hye Jung
Editor. Jessica Kim