Blood Boiling Youth

From left, Korean actress Park Bo-young, director Lee Yeon-woo and actor Lee Jong-suk. [Damso Film]

A new romantic comedy film starring top-selling young actors Lee Jong-suk and Park Bo-young has cranked in.

The film, tentatively titled “Blood Boiling Youth,” kicked off its filming at the southern city of Sunchang last week, the pic’s promoter All That Cinema said in a press release Tuesday.

Set in Hongseong-gun, the seaside village by the West Sea, the period-set film will center around four high school youths during the late 1980s.

Lee takes on legendary Casanova Joong-gil, whose single glance has the ability to make girls’ hearts melt, while Park will play famous punk Yeong-sook with big underlings, contrary to her innocent role in box office hit “A Werewolf Boy.”

Actress Lee Se-young, the younger sister of Park Yuchun’s character in melodrama “Missing You,” has been cast as a pure-hearted transfer stduent from Seoul named So-hee, while model-turned-actor Kim Young-kwang will portray a high school rebel called Kwang-sik.

Helmed by director Lee Yeon-woo of 2009 sleeper hit “Running Turtle,” the upcoming film will hit theaters in the first half of next year.


Blood Boiling Youth

The teaser poster for Korean film project, tentatively titled “Blood Boiling Youth.” [Damso Film]

Reporter. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Damso Film