The Guru Show

Korean comedian and TV host Kang Ho-dong. [MBC]

MBC has finally decided to cancel its long-running talk show “The Guru Show” with its iconic host Kang Ho-dong.

An official with MBC told TenAsia on Wednesday that the channel will air the last episode of “The Guru Show” on August 22 and the pilot episode of dramatized show program “Story Show Widow’s Cruse” (translated title) will take over the time slot the following Thursday.

The second part to actor Jang Hyuk’s episodes on “The Guru Show” will be aired tomorrow night, while the last guest of the program to be aired in the following two weeks is basketball player Seo Jang-hoon, the MBC official added.

Since its premiere in January of 2007, “The Guru Show” has been one of the country’s most beloved variety programs that opened up a new paradigm for TV talk shows by inviting numerous Korean stars and a wide range of celebrities on TV for the first time.

The show came to a halt in October 2011 after Kang got embroiled in a scandal involving defaulting on his taxes and he halted all his activities but resumed with its unalterable host Kang in November last year.

Reporter. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of MBC