Singer-actress IU on KBS’s weekend drama “You Are the Best!” set [KBS]

Singer-actress IU on the set of KBS’s weekend drama “You Are the Best!” [KBS]

KBS’s weekend drama “You Are the Best!” secured its title as the most-watched TV program in Korea for the seventh consecutive week.

Singer-actress IU and actor Cho Jung-seok’s starrer drew in an average viewership rating of 25.2 percent during the week of August 5 to August 11, AGB Nielson Korea showed on Monday.

In the latest episodes, Lee Soon-shin (IU) find out her birth mother Song Mi-ryung (Lee Mi-sook) is related to her father’s unsolved death. Unable to contain her sadness, Lee burst out tears and expressed her anger by shouting and sweeping a dressing table.

KBS’s weekly drama “A Tale of Two Sisters” took the runner-up spot by nabbing an average score of 20.9 percent, while the channel’s prime time news program “KBS 9 o’clock News” was placed at the third spot with an average marks of 17.6 percent.

MBC weekend drama “Pots of Gold” and KBS’s comedy program “Gag Concert” followed, each taking the fourth and fifth spots on the chart with average marks of 17.5 percent and 17.4 percent, respectively.

Other notable programs that were enjoyed last week include SBS’s real variety “The Laws of the Jungle,” MBC’s variety show “Where Are We Going, Dad? / Real Man,” MBC’s weekend drama “The Scandal,” SBS’s new romcom drama “Mater’s Sun” and KBS’s new medical drama “Good Doctor.”

In the meantime, TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistic) showed the top three programs in slightly different order. While “You Are the Best!” and “A Tale of Two Sisters” grabbed the first and second places on the chart, “The Laws of the Jungle” ranked at number three.

Reporter. Kang Jung Yeon
Editor. Lee Hye Ji

Courtesy of KBS