Korean actors Jung Woo-sung and Choi Jin-hyuk pose on the set of their short film "The Start of a Dream" (translated title). [Red Brick House's official me2day account]

Korean actors Jung Woo-sung and Choi Jin-hyuk on the set of their short film “The Start of a Dream” (translated title). [Red Brick House’s official me2day account]

Photos of “Kang Chi, the Beginning” star Choi Jin-hyuk’s new short film, also actor Jung Woo-sung’s self-directed short, have been released over the weekend.

Behind-the-scene photos of Jung and Choi working together on the filming set of “The Start of a Dream” (translated title) was released on Sunday through the two stars’ agency Red Brick House’s official me2day, Korean social network service.

The short film, about the suffocating reality that people have to endure and the fantasy they dream about, has attracted more than half-a-million accumulated views on YouTube since its release on July 19.

The two talents will work together as actors in new action film “God’s Accuracy” (translated title), which is set to crank in this month and open in the Korean theaters next year.

Choi, who made his debut in 2006, shot to stardom through his most recent role in hit MBC series “Kang Chi, the Beginning,” co-starring with Lee Seung-gi and Suzy.

Jung Woo-sung, one of the top movie stars in Korea since his debut two decades ago, took in charge of several video works including music video of boy band god’s “After You Left Me” in 1999 and a short film titled “Love” (both translated titles) this May.

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Courtesy of Red Brick House’s official me2day account (http://me2day.net/redbrickhouse)