Korean rookie actress Kim Ga-eun poses for a photo shoot with TenAsia in Seoul, Korea on August 1, 2013. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye Jung]

Korean rookie actress Kim Ga-eun poses for a photo shoot with TenAsia in Seoul, Korea on August 1, 2013. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye Jung]

“I decided not to hurry. I can see the real me in my act now”
Her big eyes were full of passion towards acting. Short haircut and her look is just the Ko Sung-bin itself but as soon as she start talking about the acting, playfulness on her face was gone.

Kim Ga-eun built her acting career taking from small parts which is not even on her filmography to big parts after she made her debut as SBS’s actress. By working without an agency contract, she learned to be strong and overcome hardships. Now she is an actress with four years of career and 12 works are enlisted on her filmography, her passion towards acting is just like a rookie.

“I had to do all by myself when I was working under SBS. I had to get my customs and shoot. I event killed times at a toilet because I had nowhere to standby for a shooting. I am so happy that I can only focus on acting since I spent long time in loneliness.”

Kim Ga-eun said her first turning point was KBS’s “Brain” after her contract with SBS was over. In the past she was busy only to memorize all the line, she could act feelings and was good to work with Shin Ha-geun. She said for the first time she felt that she is really acting.

Her popularity from “Brain” didn’t last long. After that she took part in cable channel drama “What’s Up,” “My Lover, Madam Butterfly” but she couldn’t make strong impression to public. When she was concerning about her job as an actress, she happened to face “I Can Hear Your Voice.”

“At first I worried if the image of me would stick with the character in this drama playing a high school student role.” Like Kim says, she mostly played the high school student role in her previous works that she worried. However, she read the synopsis, all the worried of her image changed to desire to play the role. To get the foul-mouthed delinquent character, she monitored Kim Seul-gi on “SNL Korea” and she even took a special lessen for it.

Her character didn’t have much part in the drama at the beginning. She didn’t have a love line with Kim Choong-ki (Park Doo-sock) either. Kim expressed the delinquent character in her unique way which drew public’s attention. She added that “Now I will try to enjoy the character even if I play student role. I still worry about my image being stuck but I realized that the more important thing is to show my own charm and beauty in whichever character that is.

She thanked that she recently got the title “star” and added that she thin the popularity is also the same. Kim calmly expressed her felling as “I will continue acting thinking there is nothing that’s granted.” The reason why her future is being more expected though she had her second turning point in three years after her debut. There was real “actress” instead of “star” in her smile saying she can now show herself in her acts.

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