Actor Joo Won and actress Moon Chae-won on the official poster of KBS2's medical drama “Good Doctor” [KBS]

Actor Joo Won (left) and actress Moon Chae-won on the official poster of KBS’s medical drama “Good Doctor” [KBS]

KBS’s new medical drama “Good Doctor” secured its top place on the Monday and Tuesday prime time TV charts for two consecutive weeks.

The series grasped the top spot on the chart on August 12 and 13, drawing in an average mark of 15.5 percent, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research (Nielsen Korea) on Wednesday.

Starring Joo Won, Moon Chae-won and Joo Sang-uk, “Good Doctor” is medical drama with humanism about medical specialists in a pediatric surgery department.

The drama has been drawing more and more viewers since the drama made its strong debut last week at the top spot on TV charts.

Following the number one spot, SBS series “Golden Empire” nabbed the runner-up spot after nabbing an average viewership of 10.6 percent.

The bottom place of the chart went to Moon Geun-young‘s period-set drama “Goddess of Fire,” which posted an average mark of 9.35 percent.

The series had taken the top spot for five week straight on the chart before but now it is struggling at the bottom of the chart after the winning debut of “Good Doctor.”

Meanwhile, TNmS’s (Total National Multimedia Statistic) survey showed the top three programs in the same order yet with slightly different figures.

“Good Doctor” took the top spot with an average score of 14.85 percent, while “Golden Empire” and “Goddess of Fire” followed with an average ratings of 9.8 and 8.5 percent.

Reporter. Kang Jung Yeon
Editor. Lee Hye Ji

Courtesy of KBS