Kang Seung-yoon

K-pop solo singer Kang Seung-yoon. [YG Entertainment]

Major K-pop agency YG Entertainment will finally bring a showdown to select their next boy group in a week.

YG’s self-produced survival show “WHO IS NEXT” (WIN) will hit the air simultaneously on two cable channels Mnet and tvN next Friday at 10 p.m. KST, YG Entertainment said through a press release on Friday.

The top-tier agency’s chief producer Yang Hyun-suk will introduce the eleven members of the show during the press conference to be held in a hotel in Seoul next Tuesday.

The 10-part show aims to select YG’s rookie boy band out of two teams, fully decided by the viewer’s poll. This will be the hip-hop music label’s first time in seven years to introduce a boy band since K-pop heavyweight Big Bang.

In the show to be subtitled in different languages including English, Japanese and Chinese, Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang will show their support for their soon-to-be lablemates by producing their music and giving useful advice.

G-Dragon also contributed the main soundtrack of the show by editing the intro tune of his new tune “Shake the World” (translated title) from his upcoming second studio album.

Divided into two teams dubbed team A and B, the show’s winning team will make their debut immediately under the group’s name “WINNER,” while the losing team will get back to their trainee days.

Team A is a five-member group whose average age is 20, including rookie singer Kang Seung-yoon and Lee Seung-hoon of SBS talent show “K-pop Star.”

Formed of six members around 17 years old, team B is led by child rapper B.I, who was only 11 when he featured Korean rapper MC Mong’s “Indian Boy” back in 2009 and Koo Joon-hwe of “K-pop Star.”

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