Korean idol group B1A4’s member BARO runs on the track during the taping of MBC “Idol Star Track and Field Championships” in Seoul, Korea in August 2011. [TenAsia]


From left, Korean idol group ZE:A members Siwan, Junyoung and Dongjun make an entrance during the taping of MBC “Idol Star Track and Field Championships” in Seoul, Korea in August 2011. [TenAsia]


Korean idol stars will gather together to show off their physical strength next month.

MBC‘s “Idol Star Track and Field Championships” (translated title) will be taped at the Goyang stadium and gymnasium on September 3, an official with MBC told TenAsia over the phone Friday.

The official added that they have asked 2AM, INFINITE, miss A, ZE:A, EXO, SISTAR, A-Pink, BTOB, MYNAME and HELLOVENUS to join, while the final list of cast members will be completed next week.

TenAsia identified that all members of boy group B1A4 and several members of ZE:A including the show’s champion Doungjun will run on the track this year, officials with their agencies WM Entertainment and Star Empire told TenAsia Friday, respectively.

The sports variety show will be divided into three big categories, which are track, archery and futsal, a mini soccer game. The program used to hold only track and archery but the producers added futsal for this year, the official explained.

Ever since its launch as the pilot show for the 2010 Chuseok holiday season, Korean thanksgiving holiday, the show has hit the airwaves for two of the biggest holiday in Korea, Chuseok and Lunar New Year’s Day, in the various format including athletics, the high jump, swim and archery.

This year’s big gathering of idol stars and their fans will hit the air during this year’s Chuseok holiday from September 18 to 20, but the exact date is not confirmed yet.

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Courtesy of MBC