Lee Joon-gi

Korean actor Lee Joon-gi in a promotional image for MBC drama “Tale of Arang.” [MBC]


Korean songstress Suzy joins an interview on the set of MBC drama “Kang Chi, the Beginning.” [MBC]

Korean actors Lee Joon-gi and Suzy will take the honor as the top Korean TV stars at this year’s Seoul Drama Awards.

The two stars have each been chosen as the Outstanding Korean Actor and the Outstanding Korean Actress, the organizing committee of Seoul Drama Awards 2013 (SDA) announced through a press release Tuesday morning.

Lee’s “Tale of Arang” and Kwone Sang-woo’s “King of Ambition,” both of which are the top-selling TV series sold to over 15 countries or surpassed three million USD in exports, will receive The Excellent Korean Drama and The Outstanding Korean Drama Awards, respectively.

K-pop heavyweight JYJ member Kim Jae-joong will also be honored with the award for Outstanding Korean OST for his mesmerizing original soundtrack “Living Like A Dream” for MBC’s time-slip series “Dr. Jin.”

This year’s SDA, set to hold its star-studded ceremony at the National Theater of Korea next Thursday night, will feature a larger variety of stars and programs with its biggest-ever entry numbers of 225 from 48 countries in total.

Global Korean star Kim Yoon-jin, a horrified woman to silent warrior Sunhwa in ABC series “Lost,” will be visiting SDA with her latest drama series “Mistresses” and connect with her fans at her hometown.

TV movie screening events, a good chance for drama manias to watch their favorite series from the past two years on the big screen, will show famous British series “Orphan Black,” SBS’s thriller “THE CHASER” and KBS’s drama special “Sang-Gwon,” whose male lead Lee Moon-sik was nominated for Best Actor.

Korean dramas “The King’s Doctor,” “My Husband Got a Family,” “THE CHASER” and “Reply 1997” have been shortlisted in the Series category, while KBS’s drama special “The Perfect Day” has been nominated in the Mini-series category.

Broadcasted live on MBC, the annual festivity of TV talents around the world will also meet overseas drama fans in 120 countries through Korean portal website Daum, live online streaming service Ustream and YouTube.

Reporter. Lee Hye-ji hjlee@tenasia.co.kr
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of MBC