Scenes from tvN's Monday and Tuesday drama “who are you.” [tvN]

Scenes from tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama “who are you.” [tvN]

tvN Mon/Tue Drama “who are you” – Episode 9

In brief>

Si-on (So E-hyun) has started to uncover the secret behind the accident that made her lose her memory. But before she can restore her memory, another accident occurs. This time, she’s busy tracking down a murder involving a mobile phone. But the situations that revolve around her serve as evidence to her own accident and help her restore her memory. And finally, she remembers Hyung-jun (Kim Jae-uck),the man who once was her other half.


Before Yang Si-on (So E-hyun) and Cha Gun-woo (Ok Taecyeon) of the lost-and-found center can even start thinking back on their first kiss, another case comes up: a China Town murder case, involving a mobile phone that arrived at their lost-and-found center.

They again find the crime scene easily thanks to Si-on’s ability to see spirits, and they track the case with the evidence they find there. But this mystery China Town murder case ends up serving as another hint to the identity of detective Lee Hyung-jun (Kim Jae-uck) that Yang Si-on had been so curious about. And it turns out that he was Yang Si-on’s love. He lost his life due to an unexpected accident, but he had protected her in spirit all the time.

Because Lee Hyung-jun is a spirit, he cannot say a single word to Yang Si-on. Yet even still, his presence added depth to the drama by showing how he so sadly looks at his loved one that lost both him and her own memory. 

It seems that this earnest romance, mixed with elements of a romantic comedy due to Yang Si-on and Cha Gun-woo’s relationship, will depict on a love triangle starting from the tenth episode.

For chitchat>

– How can such eery blood drop so prettily? Is it because it’s So E-hyun?
– Sergeant Cha! Why kiss her if you’re going to run away like that? And who said you could run away in such a cute way!
– The one weakness to this drama is the action sequences. The action scene with the gangsters looked like a joke.

Reporter. Bae Sun-young
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of tvN