Korean artist PSY in the scene of “Gangnam Style” music video. [YG Entertainment]

Seoul’s iconic Gangnam area, which gained fame with PSY’s international hit “Gangnam style,” will use its ultimate resource Hallyu to lure foreign visitors.

The Gangnam-gu Office announced through a statement Tuesday its master plan to carry forward the project, named K STAR ROAD, by 2015 and will first install a symbolic object that will visualize the special-themed street starting next month.

K STAR ROAD is an area covering a 1.08 km road running from the office building of SM Entertainment in Apgujeong-dong, to JYP Entertainment and CUBE Entertainment’s offices in Chungdam-dong, which have already been famous tourist spots for K-pop fans.

By the end of this year, the road will be decorated with its symbolic character K BIRD on its streetlamps, trees and crossroads as well as the entrance doors to 50 designated must-visit stores. An exclusive passport will help tourists’ fun-stamp their tour on K STAR ROAD including a snapshot at a photo zone bench.

Aimed at branding and globalizing Gangnam, the Office will cooperate with Korean companies including cosmetics company Amore Pacific, a parent company of Etude House, publishing and broadcasting house j contentree and top-tier agencies SM, JYP, CUBE and FNC Entertainment.

The office building of SM Entertainment will be opened once a week from September in particular, which will be thrilling news for fans of SM artists Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x) and EXO.

During the second phase of constructing the road, until next December, hand printings of Hallyu stars will be set up on the road and souvenirs will be sold, while a mobile application will help visitors check out the hot places throughout the road.

Gangnam-gu Office explained that K STAR ROAD is one of the Office’s long-term plans of marking itself as Seoul’s landmark, named the K ROAD project, which will highlight each of Gangnam’s streets with its own characteristics, such as K GOURMET ROAD and K FASHION ROAD.

Two months ago, the Office built the Gangnam Tourist Information Center a few blocks away from K STAR ROAD, consisting of a medical tour center and Hallyu experience center, in hopes to making the area as a mecca of Hallyu tourism.



A rough map for K STAR ROAD. [Gangnam-gu Office]

Image of K BIRD, the symbolic image for K STAR ROAD. [Gangnam-gu Office]

Image of K BIRD, the symbolic image for K STAR ROAD. [Gangnam-gu Office]


Reporter. Lee Hye-ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of YG Entertainment, Gangnam-gu Office