Choi Daniel, BoA

Korean actor Choi Daniel (left) and songstress BoA. [BoA’s official Instagram]

Korean songstress BoA and actor Choi Daniel bid farewell to one and a half month’s shooting of their new drama, and are now ready to bring viewers their romantic love story in two weeks time.

On Thursday night, BoA posted on her Instagram account a photo of herself and Choi posing together intimately, with a comment saying, “Cha Gi-dae (Choi) and Joo Yeon-ae’s (BoA) last shoot is over. Thanks Gi-dae.”

The twosome’s two-part pilot episodes of series “Expect to Date” (translated title), BoA’s first in her 13 years’ career, also set its airing date to September 11 and 12 at 10 p.m. KST, after current period-set fantasy “The Blade and Petal” ends its run.

The two stars will reunite at the press event of the drama to be held at a hotel in Seoul next Thursday, along with other cast members actress Kim Ji-won of “For You In Full Blossoms” and boy band ZE:A’s Siwan, the new TV star of “Moon Embracing the Sun.”

“Expect to Date,” a new guide to love and relationships, centers on a college girl Joo Yeon-ae who only dates bad boys and comes to take lessons under skilled dating coach Cha Gi-dae.

Reporter. Lee Hye-ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of BoA’s Instagram account (boAkwon)