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A promotional image of Israeli TV series “Prisoners of War 2.” [Keshet Media Group]

SDA 2013

The winners of Seoul Drama Awards 2013 pose together after the awards ceremony, held at the National Theater of Korea in Seoul in September 5, 2013. [SDA]


Israeli TV series “Prisoners of War 2” won the grand prize at the Seoul Drama Awards 2013 held last night, edging out a total of 215 dramas from 48 countries.

“Prisoners of War 2,” the original psychological thriller which the 2011 U.S. TV series “Homeland” was loosely based on, is a 24-part series which began its air in October 2012. Its successful first season, aired in Israel from March to May 2010, won the Israeli Academy Award for Television for Best Drama Series that year.

The top excellence Golden Bird Prize for feature series went to Spanish drama “Grand Hotel 2” and the excellence Silver Bird Prize to Korean thriller series “The Chaser,” while Korean actor Lee Moon-sik received the Best Actor award for his role in KBS short “Sang-Gwon.”

KBS’s another short drama “The Perfect Day” was honored with the Special Prize for succeeding to achieve high quality and popularity despite Korean short dramas’ poor producing environment.

TVXQ! member Jung Yun-ho, whose stage name is U-KNOW Yunho, received the People’s Choice Award for his role in SBS’s drama “King of Ambition,” which also grabbed the Outstanding Korean Drama Award.

“Tale of Arang” took home the Excellent Korean Drama Award while its male lead Lee Joon-gi received the Outstanding Korean Actor Award. The Outstanding Korean Actress Award went to Suzy of MBC’s fantasy period drama “Kang Chi, the Beginning.”

K-pop big name JYJ member Kim Jae-joong was also honored with the award for Outstanding Korean OST for his mesmerizing original soundtrack “Living Like A Dream” for MBC’s time-slip series “Dr. Jin.”

This year’s festivities were hosted by Suzy and actor Lee Sung-jae and featured performances by K-pop stars ARA, 4minute, K.Will, B.A.P, M.I.B and 2EYES.

Winners of the Seoul Drama Awards 2013

– Program Category

▲ Grand Prize : “Prisoners of War 2” (Israel)

▲ Golden Bird Prize
– TV Movie: “The Jewish Cardinal” (France)
– Mini-Series: “Generation War” (Germany)
– Series / Serial: “Grand Hotel 2” (Spain)
▲ Silver Bird Prize
– TV Movie: “Welcome and…Our Condolences” (Israel)
– Mini-Series: “The Half Brother” (Norway)
– Series / Serial: “The Chaser” (Korea)
▲ Special Prize: “The Perfect Day” (Korea), “Hello, New York” (Kyrgyzstan)
▲ Invitational: “Mistresses” (United States)

– Individual Category

▲ Best Director: Philipp Kadelbach – “Generation War” (Germany)
▲ Best Writer: Lars Lundström, “Real Humans” (Sweden)
▲ Best Actor: Lee Moon-sik, “Sang-kwon” (Korea)
▲ Best Actress: Luci Liu, “Elementary” (United States)
▲ People’s Choice: Jung Yun-ho (Korea), Nicky Wu (China), Renn Kiriyama (japan), Ya-chi Hsu (Taiwan)

– Outstanding Korean Drama Prize Category

▲ Excellent Korean Drama: “Tale of Arang”
▲ Outstanding Korean Drama: “King of Ambition”
▲ Outstanding Korean Actor: Lee Joon-gi
▲ Outstanding Korean Actress: Suzy
▲ Outstanding Korean OST: Kim Jae-joong “Living Like A Dream” for “Dr. Jin”

Reporter. Lee Hye-ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Keshet Media Group, Seoul Drama Awards