Korean singer-actress BoA poses during the press event of KBS pilot drama “Waiting Love,” held in Seoul, Korea on September 5, 2013. [TenAsia/ Paeng Hyun-joon]

K-pop idol BoA may be ready to show fans and the public her small screen debut project “Waiting Love,” but is worried about the reaction she’ll get from her kissing scene with ZE:A’s Siwan.

At a press event for the upcoming KBS romance series held at a hotel in Seoul, Korea on Thursday, BoA jokingly said of her second-ever kissing scene experience, “I’m worried about the backlash I may have to face after my kissing scene with the best idol Siwan goes on air.”

However, she explained that she has “no fantasies over kissing scenes” and that the scene with Siwan was “more like an accidental collision.”

BoA had her first kissing scene in U.S.-Korea dance film “Make Your Move 3D,” in which she had a deep kissing scene with actor Derek Hough, the star of “Dancing with the Stars.”

The K-pop princess continued to unveil that she actually liked it when she had to shout and yell to portray her character Joo Yeon-ae, an all-around amazing college girl with no dating skills.

“I liked it when my character expressed strong emotions. I was worried because I haven’t yelled at people like she did, but I was able to act out the scene when I had to. I think it is also a good opportunity to show various sides of myself since my character has great emotional highs and lows.”

Along with her joyful filming experience, she also revealed her worries about her new challenge on the small screen.

“I have a strong image as singer and judge (of TV audition “K-pop star”). I heard lots of times, ‘We can’t because it’s BoA’ when I tried to expand my boundaries to other spheres including acting. The biggest burden I feel as singer-actor is people thinking, ‘Let’s just see how well you act as a singer.’ So I just hope people will see me as my character instead of me as the singer.”

When the other main cast members including Choi Daniel, Kim Jee-won and Siwan gave their remarks, BoA said with a winning smile, “’Waiting Love’ is the first drama I let myself free and enjoy the big fun and hard work after a long while.”

Set to hit airwaves on next Wednesday and Thursday, the two-part pilot romance drama will center on Joo Yeon-ae who only dates bad boys and comes to take lessons under skilled dating coach Cha Gi-dae (Choi).

Reporter. Lee Hye-ji
Photographer. Paeng Hyun-joon
Editor. Jessica Kim