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Korean hip-hop musician Tiger JK. [Feel GHood Music]

Korean hip-hop musician Tiger JK is resuming activities as his one-man group Drunken Tiger, breaking four years’ hiatus.

Drunken Tiger’s ninth album “The Cure” is set to drop this Friday along with the music video of its title tune of the same name, an official with the artist’s promoter Insight J told TenAsia over the phone Tuesday.

The hip-hop veteran will show the new side of his music, far from trendy and splendid hip-hop sounds but with humble ones accompanied by acoustic guitar and jembe.

“The Cure” has been written by the musician himself after he was inspired by his father, singing that all things in the universe is our friends who protect us, according to the separate press release from Insight J.

The new nine-track album will mark the first release ever since the musician founded his own agency Feel GHood Music with his musical partners rapper Bizzy and rapper/singer t Yoonmirae, also his wife and mother of a five-year-old son.

Three of them formed group named MFBTY, which means ‘My Fans Better Than Yours,’ and rolled out their first single “Sweet Dream” early this year.

Tiger JK made his first appearance in the local music scene with his solo album, “Call Me Tiger,” in 1992. He then formed a group named Drunken Tiger in 1999, and has gained fame as one of the top hip-hop artists in Korea since.


The Cure

The cover of Drunken Tiger’s ninth album “The Cure.” [Feel GHood Music]

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