K-pop artist G-Dragon. [YG Entertainment]

Iconic K-pop star G-Dragon is set to show a collaboration performance with his loving junior singers in major K-pop agency tonight.

The idol-turned-artist has shared the stage in his newest tune “CROOKED” with 11 cast members of YG Entertainment’s survival show “WHO IS NEXT: WIN” for tonight’s episode of Mnet’s “M! CountDown,” YG said in a press release Thursday.

The surprising collaboration was offered by G-Dragon only a day before the taping of the music show, who wanted to give his juniors a chance to experience an actual stage on a TV music show.

Members of “WIN” was startled and felt burdensome at the same time with their favorite artist’s offer and practiced all day and night before going up on stage, which ends around two in the morning, YG explained in the statement.

On tonight’s “M! CountDown,” G-Dragon will show his unique performance of a total of three tunes in his second studio effort “COUP DE’TAT,” which are “COUP DE’TAT,” “BLACK” and “CROOKED.”

“WIN” is the 10-part show which aims to select YG’s rookie boy band out of two teams, the major agency’s first time in seven years to introduce a boy band since K-pop heavyweight Big Bang, the team G-Dragon leads.

The fourth episode of “WIN” is set to hit air tomorrow night on two major cable channels Mnet at 10 p.m. and tvN at 11:20 p.m. KST.

Reporter. Lee Hye-ji hjlee@tenasia.co.kr

Courtesy of YG Entertainment