K-pop singer-and-songwriter G-Dragon. [YG Entertainment]

Korean idol group Big Bang member G-Dragon’s solo album has been listed on Billboard’s album chart, Billboard 200.

The first part of G-Dragon’s second studio album “COUP DE’TAT” grabbed the 182nd spot on the Billboard 200 during the third week of September, according to the prestigious music chart on Friday.

Last year, the artist nabbed the 161st place on the same chart with his first mini-album “ONE OF A KIND.” As a Korean singer, he is the first to be on the chart for second consecutive time.

Over on the Billboard World Albums chart, the young musician’s album made it to both No. 1 and No. 2 at the same time with “COUP DE’TAT, Pt. 1” and “COUP DE’TAT, Pt. 2″during the third week of September, showing his popularity all over the world.

Adding to the already impressive achievement, his five-member group Big Bang also made it to the 150th place on the same chart with the groups’s fifth mini-album “ALIVE” last year.

Reporter. Kang Jung-yeon
Editor. Lee Hye-ji

Courtesy of YG Entertainment