Clockwise from top left, K-pop girl group T-ara members Hyomin, Qri, Eunjung, Boram, Soyeon and Jiyeon. [Core Contents Media]

Korean girl group T-ara will be making a comeback onto the local music scene in October, breaking a one-year hiatus.

T-ara will release next Wednesday the three minute teaser clip and poster of their new record, set to roll out on October 10, an official with the group’s agency Core Contents Media told TenAsia on Monday.

The upcoming record’s detailed information, such as its title or the number of tracks, is set to be released through a press release early next week, the official added.

T-ara members have been active as unit groups T-ara N4 and QBS as well as several overseas concerts after the controversial leave of former member Hwayoung.

Early July, the group went through a change with member Areum voluntarily departing from the group in order to pursue her musical taste in hip-hop as a solo artist.

Accordingly, a new member named Dani replaced Areum in their sub-unit group T-ara N4 and she is set to only carry out promotion activities within the sub-unit.

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Courtesy of Core Contents Media