Goddess of Fire, Moon Geun-young

Korean actress Moon Geun-young on the official poster of MBC‘s historical drama “Goddess of Fire” [MBC]

Actress Moon Geun-young got injured during last week’s Korean Thanksgiving Day holiday, forcing her current TV series “Goddess of Fire” to halt its filming for a while.

Moon sustained injury in her eye area after got hit by a shooting equipment during the drama’s filming last Wednesday.

The actress attempted to push ahead with filming for the period-set drama’s hectic filming schedule but her symptom got worse including severe bruise, which made her impossible to carry on the filming.

“She has been taking a rest during the Chuseok holiday and is going to go to the doctor’s and receive treatment today,” an official with her agency Namoo Actors told TenAsia.

Due to the lead actress’ injury, “Goddess of Fire” is set to replace today’s episode with a special episode, originally set to be the 25th episode of the 32-part epic,.

Reporter. Lee Hye-ji hjlee@tenasia.co.kr

Courtesy of MBC