Yang Hyun-suk, chief producer of YG Entertainment [TenAsia/ Paeng Hyun-jun]

Yang Hyun-suk, the chief producer of YG Entertainment. [TenAsia/ Paeng Hyun-jun]

YG Entertainment’s founder and chief producer Yang Hyun-suk has been reported as one of the richest Korean celebrities.

Yang Hyun-suk secured his top spot  for second year straight on a celebrities’ stock share research conducted by Korea’s financial news agency Chaebuldotcom, the website showed last week.

Yang nabbed the top spot with stock price whose appraised value over 197 billion Korean Won (approximately 183 million U.S Dollars). However, Yang’s stock has fallen in its value for 11.4 percent, compared to the one estimated early this year.

Following the 90’s hip-hop musician, SM Entertainment’s chairman Lee Soo-man nabbed the second spot also for second year after pushed down by Yang last year, failing to win his top spot back.

Lee grabbed the spot with his appraised stock value of over 157 billion Won (around 147 million Dollars). Lee’s stock also has fall in its value for 19.1 percent from early this year.

With a huge gap between number two, Korean actors’ agency KEYEAST’s major shareholder Bae Yong-joon sat at No. 3 with his stock price over 30 billion Won (approx 28 million Dollars), which is some five billion Won higher than early this year thanks to KEYEAST’s outstanding performance in the first half of this year.

JYP Entertainment’s founder and chief producer Park Jin-young took the fourth spot with stocks of 7.2 billion Won (over 6.7 Dollars), while actor Jang Dong-gun, who holds his agency SM C&C’s shares, followed the fifth place with his stocks over 3.7 billion Won (over 3.5 million Dollars).

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