Soyou, Mad Clown

K-pop group SISTAR’s Soyou (left) and rapper Mad Clown. [Starship X]

Girl group SISTAR member Soyou and rapper Mad Clown’s collaboration tune “Stupid in Love” grabbed the top status on MelOn’s weekly singles chart.

The melodic hip-hop tune featuring the coed duo’s harmonious voices sat atop the chart during the week of September 16 to 22, the country’s biggest streaming service showed on Monday.

Last week’s top song “Touch Love,” a soundtrack to SBS’s hit series “Master’s Sun” sung by Yoonmirae, slid down to No. 2.

K-pop artist G-Dragon’s self-written tune “Who You?” grabbed the number three position, while boy band EXO’s “Growl” secured the fourth spot for second week straight.

“No Matter What,” Korean singer/actor Seo In-guk’s sad ballad for his starrer “Master’s Sun,” made its debut to number five.

Other top songs in the top ten last week are G-Dragon’s “Black,” SISTAR Hyolyn’s “Master’s Sun” OST “Crazy of You,” G-Dragon’s “Crooked,” Sunmi’s “24 hours” and San E’s steady selling hip-hop “Story of Someone I Know.”

Over on the albums chart, G-Dragon’s second studio album “COUP D’ETAT” and EXO’s first repackaged album “XOXO” secured their No. 1 and No. 2 places for three weeks running, respectively.

“Stupid in Love” grabbed number three after climbing up two spots from last week’s position, putting an end to the three weeks’ dominance of Yoonmirae’s “Touch Love.”

Reporter. Lee Hye-ji

Courtesy of Starship X