Japanese comedian Yamazaki Hironari (left) and K-pop star Seungri of Big Bang. [YG Entertainment]

K-pop big name Big Bang’s Seungri has marked himself as the first foreign celebrity to host a TV show on Japanese major channels.

Seungri has been decided as the co-host of Fuji TV’s variety show “Popular Girls 100” (translated title), set to premiere this Saturday at 1:05 a.m. in local time, according to a press release from his agency YG Entertainment on Tuesday.

The new TV show, also Seungri’s first emceeing job on Japanese major channels, will mark the 22-year-old artist as the first foreign celebrity to host a show on the country’s major channels including NHK, TBS, NTV, tv asahi and TV TOKYO.

The producing crew of “Popular Girls 100” rated highly on Seungri’s attitude and talents, showed through Fuji TV’s program “Room Share” last year, and planned to cast Seungri from the pre-production stage of the TV show.

Co-hosted by popular Japanese comedian Yamazaki Hironari, “Popular Girls 100” is a TV show about popular and successful 100 women who reveal their dating and life style to help unpopular men to become popular.

Reporter. Lee Hye-ji

Courtesy of YG Entertainment