[PHOTO] Rain is Discharged from Military

Top Korean singer-actor Rain walks up to the media and his fans after being discharged from the military’s Defense Media Agency in Seoul, Korea on July 10, 2013. [TenAsia/Gue Hye-jung]

Korean Singer-actor Rain will be having a fan meeting next month, his first fan event after being discharged from his mandatory military service in July.

An official with his agency CUBE Entertainment told TenAsia over the phone Wednesday that Rain will hold the fan meeting event at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea on October 12.

The event for his official fan club was originally set to be held in August but has been pushed back due to unknown reasons. The official with his agency explained that, “It was postponed in consideration of various factors including the process of its preparation.”

The upcoming fan meeting is the eighth official fan meeting which has been prepared by fans, while the next scheduled works of the singer including his next album have not been set yet, the official added.

In the meantime, the artist is also set to make appearance and perform at Chinese live audition program “Super Boy” as a special guest tomorrow.

The official activities of Rain after discharge includes participating in Thailand’s musical festival “Sonic Bang” in August and promotional events in Shanghai, China early this month.

Reporter. Kang Jung-yeon atoz@tenasia.co.kr
Photographer. Gue Hye-jung photonine@tenasia.co.kr
Editor. Lee Hye-ji hjlee@tenasia.co.kr