The cover of the limited-edition LP of G-Dragon’s second studio album “COUP D’ETAT.” [YG Entertainment]

K-pop icon G-Dragon will be releasing the limited-edition LP of his highly-successful second studio album “COUP D’ETAT.”

Starting sale by subscription today, “COUP D’ETAT” will hit the stores on October 18 with its 8,888 limited copies of LPs, an official with his agency YG Entertainment told TenAsia over the phone Monday.

“By using tapes re-mastered in high-quality of sound, we minimize the sounds’ modification and save the original sound,” YG explained, “For this LP, we only produce the limited edition of 8,888 copies, which suggest deep meanings since GD considers 8 as his ‘lucky number’.”

GD takes charge of numbering from 1 to 8,888 with his handwriting on the outbox of LPs, while various item of “COUP D’ETAT” will be packaged together including images from his latest exhibition in “G-DRAGON SPACE 8” and behind-the-scenes of music video of “COUP D’ETAT.”

The mastermind of K-pop giant Big Bang has first released the limited-edition LP of his first mini-album “ONE OF A KIND” only in overseas.

Meanwhile, the idol-turned-artist will participate in Chinese superstar Jackie Chan’s star-studded charity concert in Hangchow on Monday and jump to Shanghai’s global music festival “SHANGHAI W-BANK MUSIC FESTIVAL” on Wednesday.

Reporter. Lee Hye-ji hjlee@tenasia.co.kr

Courtesy of YG Entertainment