Korean boy group EXO [SM Entertainment]

Korean boy group EXO members. [SM Entertainment]

Some fans of Korean boy group EXO have disturbed the wedding of member Baekhyun’s brother, showing dark side of fan worship.

Some frantic EXO fans go beyond normal and misbehaved to see the stars during EXO member Baekhyun’s older brother’s wedding on Saturday, an official with the group’s agency SM Entertainment told TenAsia on Monday.

Three of EXO members including Baekhyun attended the wedding to sing a nuptial song and that’s when those fans stepped in and started to disturb the wedding in the middle of the memorable event.

They stood barefoot on chairs to take photos and recorded videos of the members throughout the wedding ceremony. Some photos were posted on a Korean online community by a guest who was at the wedding ceremony.

“The wedding was quiet before the EXO members appeared. When they stood up to sing a nupitial song, their fans rushed to the front and stood on chairs to film videos of members. When the newlyweds joined the cake cutting, they even ignored the couple to take pictures of the idols who were at the back,” the angry guest posted.

He added that, “They didn’t listen when the EXO members told them to stop and they’ll do what they want later. When the groom’s family gathered to take a family photo, they rushed and take a picture just like it is a press conference or something. The couples’ faces were getting dark.”

EXO members have suffered several troubles in the past with those frantic fans who come after the members anywhere they go. Members even stated that they will no longer tolerate their rudeness during various interviews.

Regardless of their intention, those frantic fans’s odd way of love is causing mental stress to their beloved stars.

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