Seungri, May J.

K-pop group Big Bang member Seungri (left) and Japanese singer May J. [YG Entertainment]

K-pop group Big Bang’s Seungri and Japanese singer May J. will cover vocalist Shin Seung-hoon’s famous ballad “I Believe” together.

The Japanese cover of “I Believe,” sung duets by Seungri and May J., will list in the female singer’s upcoming original ballad album “Love Ballad” to be out on October 23, Seungri’s agency YG Entertainment said in a press release Friday.

“I thought Seungri’s clear high-pitched voice would make nice harmony with mine. So I offered the collaboration to Seungri, making the tune enjoyable also for Korean fans. I heard that the song is one of the Sungri’s favorite songs, which made me even more delighted,” said May J.

“I Believe,” the acoustic ballad soundtrack of hit comedy pic “My Sassy Girl” (2001), will be the second collaboration of the two singers after their first in “I KNOW.”

“I KNOW,” originally sung by Seungri and K-pop songstress IU, will also be listed in Seungri’s Japan solo debut record “LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE,” set to hit shelves next Wednesday.

Seungri, who is active in Japan with his stage name V.I, has been decided as the co-host of Fuji TV’s variety show “Popular Girls 100” (translated title), marking himself as the first foreign celebrity to host a TV show on Japanese major channels.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of YG Entertainment