From left, Korean actor Seol Kyung-ku, child actress Lee Re and actress Uhm Ji-won on the set of Korean film “Wish.” [Lotte Entertainment]

After “The Face Reader” swept Korean box office for the past three weeks, new home-made film “Wish” took the winning baton from the box office smash.

The heart-warming film made a successful debut atop the weekend box office from October 4 to 6 after drawing in 465,000 moviegoers, the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) showed on Monday.

Starring Seol Kyung-ku and Uhm Ji-won, “Wish” calmly portrays family members who go through a tragic child sexual abuse, which is a true story in 2008. Director Lee Joon-ik of “King and the Clown” marked a successful return with the movie after three years’ hiatus.

Actor Yoo Ah-in’s latest film “Tough as Iron” made debut to No. 2, grabbing 407,000 film lovers in the same time frame.

The film centers on a man named Kang-cheol (Yoo) who ventures into a dangerous choice given by gangster’s boss in order to pay the hospital bills for his sick yet perky mother Soon-I (Kim Hae-sook).

Now surpassing over eight million audiences and heading to 10 million mark, “The Face Reader” added 290,000 moviegoers to its already successful record and sat on number three.

U.S. horror film “The Conjuring” dropped to the fourth place with 213,000 tickets sold, while Hugh Jackman’s new crime thriller “Prisoners” rounded off the top five after attracting 75,000 moviegoers.

Other films enjoyed over the weekend are Korean comic action “The Spy: Undercover Operation” and four otehr animated film: U.S.’s “Despicable Me 2,” “Monsters University,” Peru and Argentina’s “Rodencia y el Diente de la Princesa” and French pic “The Jungle Bunch : Back to the Ice Floe.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Lotte Entertainment