K-pop artist Seungri of group Big Bang on the cover of his first Japan album “LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE.” [YG Entertainment]

K-pop giant Big Bang’s Seungri, who is active in Japan with his stage name V.I, made an outstanding debut on Oricon’s chart with his new release.

Seungri’s 1st Japan solo album “LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE” debuted at the top place on Oricon’s daily album chart as soon as its release on Wednesday, the official Japanese music chart showed on the same day.

Selling out estimated 14,509 copies on a single day, the six-track mini-album includes the Japanese version of the songs listed in the idol star’s second Korea EP rolled out on August 19, including “I KNOW” featuring Japanese female artist May J.

Over on the daily singles chart, boy band B.A.P put their first Japan single “WARRIOR” on No. 5 the same day.

The group’s Japan debut single, dropped one year and nine months after their local debut in January of 2012, lists B.A.P’s debut single “Warrior” and its follow-up title “POWER.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of YG Entertainment