K-pop group ZE:A member Dongjun. [Star Empire Entertainment]

K-pop boy band ZE:A member Dongjun will donate his acting talent to a TV series dedicated to the handicapped.

Dongjun has been cast in new TV drama, whose title is translated into “Climbing Up Sky Wall,” the sixth drama made for the youth to enhance the understanding of disability, his agency Star Empire Entertainment said in a press release Friday.

The idol star will take on high schooler named Taeho, who came to overcome conflict with his disabled father (Son Byung-ho) through sports climbing with visually-impaired student Yoojin (Kim Bo-ra)

Dongjun will start filming the drama next Monday, along with co-stars Kim, Son, Jung Sun-kyung and Choi Won-young, all of whom confirmed to donate their talents to the TV project for nothing.

Launched in 2009, the sixth drama for the special purpose will finish its filming later this month and undergo nation-wide preview for teenagers in December, set to hit air on KBS on April 22 next year, the National Disabled Persons Day.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Star Empire Entertainment