Korean songstress IU on the cover of her third studio album “Modern Times.” [LOEN Entertainment]

Korean songstress IU’s newest title tune “The Red Shoes” has put an end to Busker Busker’s winning run on MelOn’s charts.

IU’s third studio album “Modern Times” and its title tune “The Red Shoes” each became the top album and song on MelOn’s weekly albums and singles chart during the week of October 7 and 13, the chart showed Monday.

Ever since its release last Monday noon, the soft pop has charmed the K-pop listeners with its rich jazzy sounds and witty theme inspired from the same-titled fairy tale.

Busker Busker’s “Love, At First,” which dominated the chart for two former weeks, and last week’s runner-up tune “Too Much Regret” were each edged out to No. 2 and No. 5, respectively.

IU succeeded to put one more new tune “Everyone Has Secrets” to the third place thanks to its featuring artist Gain of Brown Eyed Girls with attractive fragile voice.

Girl group SISTAR’s Soyou and rapper Mad Clown’s hit collaboration “Stupid in Love” secured its fourth position for two weeks in a row.

Other popular tunes last week were Lim Chang-jung’s ballad “A Guy Like Me,” Busker Busker’s “Love Is Timing,” IU’s gypsy love song “Love of B,” Yoonmirae’s top R&B “Touch Love” and IU’s “Between the Lips.”

Over on the albums chart, “Modern Times” became the new winner, beating out “Busker Busker 2nd Album” and G-Dragon’s second full effort “COUP D’ETAT” to number two and three, respectively.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of LOEN Entertainment