Jung Il-woo

Korean actor Jung Il-woo. [Star K Entertainment]

Korean actor Jung Il-woo will come back to the small screen next month, breaking hiatus over one and half year after MBC’s hit series “Moon Embracing the Sun.”

Jung has been confirmed to take on the leading male character of MBC’s upcoming weekend drama series, whose title is translated into “Golden Rainbow,” the show’s producing firm May Queen Pictures announced on Monday.

Opposite to the lead actress U-ie of After School, Jung will portray cynical and carefree prosecutor named Do-young, who has been alienated by new family members from his father Jin-gi’s remarriage.

“The character Do-young leads another set of stories of ‘Golden Rainbow.’ We are expecting big since Jung is an actor with both popularity and acting skills,” an official with May Queen Pictures was quoted as saying.

Set to air on November 2, the forthcoming drama will center on seven orphans who create a bond that is tighter than that of a blood-related family and pave their way in order to succeed in the marine products industry.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Star K Entertainment