K-pop group U-KISS member Dongho. [NH Media]

K-pop group U-KISS member Dongho has decided to leave the spotlight for a while.

U-KISS’s agency NH Media announced through an official statement Wednesday that Dongho quits the group and takes time off the show business by halting activities for a while.

The fim explained that earlier this year, the 19-year-old star delivered that his will for activities became weak and his physical condition is not suitable for activities. Dongho said that he also wanted to live a life as a non-celebrity after finding himself feel hard to fit into celebrity’s life as time goes by, NH Media explained.

The firm has discussed the matter with Dongho and his parents for a long time and finally decided to accept it. “It was not an easy decision because his leave could affect the group, but we and other U-KISS members decided take the change,” an official with NH Media explained.

In the meantime, U-KISS is set to release a new album later this month with its existing six members Eli, Hoon, Kevin, AJ, SooHyun and KiSeob.

Dongho, whose real name is Shin Dong-ho, debuted in 2008 as a member of highly successful K-pop group U-KISS. The seven-member group’s popularity has been notable outside of Korea, especially in Japan and South America.

He also expanded his career into acting by appearing in films “Villain and Widow,” “Little Black Dress,” “Don’t Cry Mommy” and MBC drama “Royal Family” in 2011 and Super Action’s four-part action drama “Holy Land.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of NH Media