Lucid Fall

Korean indie musician Lucid Fall. [TenAsia]

Lucid Fall - The Best of

The cover of Lucid Fall’s Japan best album “Lucid Fall – The Best of.” [Antenna Music]


Korean indie singer-and-songwriter Lucid Fall is releasing his first-ever best album in Japan today.

Lucid Fall’s first best album “Lucid Fall – The Best of” hit the shelves in Japan on Thursday, his agency Antenna Music said in a press release the same day.

The 15-track album is filled with the artist’s previous songs, which can touch Japanese sentiment, listed in the artist’s fifth full-length album and one original soundtrack to Korean film “L’Abri.”

“An official with Japanese music label contacted with us first after listening to Lucid Fall’s music. It is very exceptional to release a best album overseas earlier than in Korea. The Japanese label also made huge effort to translate the lyrics to Japanese,” an official with Antenna Music explained.

Lucid Fall delivered his gratefulness in the statement that, “I’m sure there will be people in Japan who can make emotional solidarity with me. I’ll feel so happy if I can acknowledge one listener like that. I hope there will be any chance I can meet them in person and render my songs in Japan.”

Additionally, Lucid Fall next Wednesday will release his sixth full-length album, whose title is translated into “Flower Has No Word,” also set to drop in Japan next month.

Lucid Fall, whose real name is Cho Yoon-seok, starts his music career as member of trio band Mi-seon-I in 1998. In 2001, Lucid Fall turns his path to the solo artist, whose poetic lyrics and gentle melody is especially popular among female listeners.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Antenna Music