Kim Jae-joong

Korean singer/actor Kim Jae-joong of K-pop group JYJ. [C-Jes Entertainment]

K-pop giant JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong will pre-release another tune from his upcoming first studio album.

Kim confirmed to release next Wednesday “Butterfly,” set to be listed in his upcoming record “WWW: Who, When Why” to be out on October 29, his agency C-Jes Entertainment said in a press release Thursday.

Written its lyrics by the pop star himself, “Butterfly” is a song with powerful rock spirit and strong tempo in simple melody line, C-Jes explained.

“Kim doesn’t lose his self-confidence and sincerity throughout the work. His sharp yet tender and delicate sentiment is well-delivered through the song,” said the song’s composer Huoi-jang-nim who wrote XIA’s “Don’t Leave” and “Sorry.”

The first pre-released ballad “A Sunny Day” from Kim’s first full-effort, dropped this Tuesday, made strong debut on Korean real-time music charts and iTunes single chart in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of C-Jes Entertainment