Lee Yeon-hee

Korean actress Lee Yeon-hee. [TenAsia/ Paeng Hyun-joon]

Korean actress Lee Yeon-hee is considering taking on the lead role in upcoming MBC drama series.

An official with Lee’s agency SM Entertainment told TenAsia on Wednesday that Lee is currently positively looking into new MBC series, tentatively titled “Miss Korea,” set to hit airwaves in December as the follow up to “Medical Top Team.”

Directed by hit producer-scriptwriter duo of MBC’s 2011 drama “Pasta,” the upcoming drama will portray an ordinary girl who comes out to be Korea’s beauty pageant, Miss Korea, with the help of her neighbors.

Lee, 25, began her acting career in 2001 by playing a small role in KBS’s 2004 series “My Precious Child” and rose to fame after starring in MBC’s 2008 drama “East of Eden” with Korean heartthrob Song Seung-heon.

Her most recent work was MBC’s hit fantasy series “Kang Chi, the Beginning,” while her upcoming film “Marriage Blue,” in which she paired up in Taecyeon of boy band 2PM, is set to open in Korean theaters on November 21.

Reporter. Cory Lee
Photographer. Paeng Hyun-joon pangpang@tenasia.co.kr