Kim Jae-joong

Korean singer/actor Kim Jae-joong of K-pop group JYJ. [C-Jes Entertainment]

Korean singer/actor Kim Jae-joong of K-pop group JYJ has unveiled a much-awaited title tune to his first full-length solo album.

The title tune to Kim’s first studio album “WWW: Who, When, Why” is “Just Another Girl,” whose lyrics were written by the singer himself, Kim’s agency C-Jes Entertainment said through a press release Monday.

“Just Another Girl” is a post-grunge rock tune mixed with hard rock’s powerful beat, punk’s exciting melody and British rock’s lyricism, appealing for everyone in varied generation, C-Jes explained.

The music video of “Just Another Girl,” formed of both a drama based on the song’s lyrics and a stage performing the tune, will express the song’s story and musical color together, set to roll out its teaser video tomorrow.

Scheduled to hit the shelves next Tuesday, “WWW: Who, When, Why” will be consisting of various rock genres from post-grunge, pop punk, Brit pop, rock ballad in collaboration with K-pop artists Yoon Do-hyun, Lee Sang-gon of Noel, Ha Dong-kyun, Yong Jun-hyung of BEAST as well as TAKURO of Japanese rock band Glay.

Kim will continue his musical activities with the second 2013 concert tour, dubbed “2013 Kim Jae Joong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert,” to be held in Seoul on November 2 and 3 then hit Japan’s Yokohama Stadium less than two weeks time.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of C-Jes Entertainment