The Mystery Housemaid

Korean actress Choi Ji-woo on the set of SBS’s drama “The Mystery Housemaid.” [SBS]

SBS’s series “The Mystery Housemaid” scooped up the second crown on Monday and Tuesday TV chart, while MBC’s drama “Goddess of Fire” exit with a low ratings score as expected.

“The Mystery Housemaid” attracted an average rating of 10.1 percent atop AGB Nielsen Media Research (Nielsen Korea)’s ratings chart on October 21 and 22, according to the TV ratings survey.

“Goddess of Fire” wrapped up its 30-part period-set stories at the runner-up spot after drawing in an average viewership of 9.4 percent.

As the follow-up to the disappointing series, new 50-part historic epic “Empress Ki, Battle of Flowers” will fill up the Monday and Tuesday prime time slot from next Monday.

Starring Ha Ji-won, Joo Jin-mo, Ji Chang-wook and Baek Jin-hee, “Empress Ki” is a 50-part epic about wise and attractive empress named Ki (Ha), the ancient-Korea-born empress who later becomes the ruler of the Yuan Dynasty of China.

At the bottom of the chart, KBS’s romcom series “Marry Him If You Dare” attracted only average 7.9 percent of total viewers, recording a drop of 2.3 percent from last week’s debut score.

Meanwhile, TNmS’s (Total National Multimedia Statistic) survey showed the three programs in the different order and figures during the same time frame.

“Goddess” exited at the top with an average score of 9.7 percent, while “Housemaid” and “Marry Him” followed next two places sequentially, each with average marks of 9.5 and 6.5 percent, respectively.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of SBS