K-pop artist Taeyang of group Big Bang. [YG Entertainment]

Korean artist Taeyang’s upcoming release has turned out to be co-written by his bandmate and iconic K-pop star G-Dragon.

G-Dragon participated in both composing and writing “Ringa Linga,” Taeyang’s first title tune to his upcoming second studio album, Big Bang’s agency YG Entertainment said on Friday.

G-Dragon has created number of hit tunes of Big Bang but it is his first time to write Taeyang’s solo title tune, to be rolled out after three years’ hiatus in his home country next Friday, YG explained.

The two artists started their music career together in the major K-pop agency 13 years ago, becoming the milestone of K-pop giant Big Bang.

Taeyang also released the teaser image of “Ringa Linga” this afternoon, which shows his ‘black charisma’ with fierce eye makeup, sun-like hair style and eye-catching tattoo on his forehead.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of YG Entertainment