[PHOTO] Yuchun's Handsome Pose at "2013 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK"

K-pop group JYJ member Yuchun poses at the opening ceremony of “2013 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK” held at SETEC in Seoul, Korea on June 27, 2013. [TenAsia/ Park Jin Soo]

Korean singer/actor Park Yuchun of group JYJ has confirmed his small screen comeback to next February.

Park has decided to take on the male leading role of SBS’s upcoming drama, tentatively titled “Three Days” and set to hit air next February, according to his agency C-Jes Entertainment on Monday.

Park will portray elite bodyguard named Han Tae-gyeong, who works for presidential security service and gets assigned to find the president who disappeared after three gunshots at his own villa.

“We decided to star in the drama considering its well-weaved stories in the synopsis. Expectations are high due to its unique material and great production crew above all,” an official with C-Jes was quoted as saying.

The upcoming TV thriller will be penned by scriptwriter Kim Eun-hee of SBS’s “Sign” and “Phantom,” helmed by acclaimed producer Shin Gyeong-soo of “Deep Rooted Tree.”

Park, 27, is currently filming his first major film project, tentatively titled “The Sea Fog,” co-starring film stars Kim Yoon-seok, Han Ye-ri and Lee Hee-joon.

Reporter. Cory Lee