The official poster of Pledis Entertainment’s Brazil audition “2013 “PLEDIS GLOBAL AUDITION” IN BRAZIL’.” [Pledis Entertainment]

Pledis Entertainment, home of K-pop stars Son Dambi, Kahi, After School and NU’EST, is to seek talents in Brazil for the first time as a K-pop agency.

Pledis Entertainment will hold “2013 “PLEDIS GLOBAL AUDITION” IN BRAZIL’” at the Escola Santa Terezinha do Menino Jesus in Curitiba, Brazil on December 14, the entertainment firm announced on Monday.

Marking itself as the first K-pop agency to hold an audition in Brazil, the upcoming audition was made possible thanks to heightened support and affection toward Pledis artists.

Applicants can show their abilities in three categories from singer, actor and model if they are bron from 1990 to 2003 no matter their gender or nationality.

The successful candidates would fly to Korea and made an exclusive contract with Pledis as the firm’s rookie artist and go through training and further practice to make a debut.

On the following day of the first-ever K-pop audition in the country, Pledis’ five-member boy band NU’EST will hold their first concert in Brazil at the Paraná Clube in Curitiba.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Pledis Entertainment