Lee Sang-woo

Korean actor Lee Sang-woo. [SBS]

Korean actor Lee Sang-woo has been cast as actress Han Hye-jin’s on-screen husband.

Lee will take on the male leading role of SBS’s upcoming Monday and Tuesday series “A Single Warm Word” (translated title), according to the show’s producing firm HB Entertainment on Tuesday.

Opposite to Han Hye-jin, Lee will portray a man named Kim Sung-soo, who has the earmarks of a peasant in an extreme situation despite of his city boy looks.

He gets to the youngest-ever manager of the Department of Human Resources in a bank where acknowledged his abilities but a single mistake will develop a huge trouble between his own family and other couple of Kim Ji-soo and Ji Jin-hee, the seemingly perfect couple.

“We’ve been working hard to cast the most-fit actors to our characters. We hope the drama would give a chance to look back our own wounds we’ve treated carelessly,” an official with the producing crew was quoted as saying.

Written by scriptwriter Hah Meong-hee of jTBC’s acclaimed series “Can We Get Married” and directed by producer Choi Young-hoon of SBS drama “Five Fingers,” the new drama will depict two married couples’ conflicts and their complicated reality of marriage life.

Co-starring Park Seo-joon and Han Groo, “A Single Warm Word” is slated to hit air from December 2 as the follow-up to current series “The Mystery Housemaid.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of SBS