Pledis Entertainment artists Son Dambi (top left). After School (center left), NU’EST (bottom left) and YUEHUA Entertainment artist Han Geng (second to right). [Pledis Entertainment, YUEHUA Entertainment]

K-pop agency Pledis Entertainment will take the lead in the Chinese music market through a joint venture with Chinese entertainment firm YUEHUA Entertainment.

Pledis and YUEHUA will begin their full-scale joint venture with a strategic press conference to be held in Beijing next Monday, Pledis announced on Wednesday.

Participants include Pledis artists Son Dambi, After School and NU’EST as well as all the YUEHUA artists including top Chinese male star Han Geng, the former member of K-pop giant Super Junior and audition-born starlet Zhou Bi Chang.

“It marks the first time for a K-pop agency to officially cooperate with Chinese music company. Our expectations are high since the country’s music market has such a big potential,” said Jung Hae-chang, the C.E.O of Pledis Entertainment.

Pledis Entertainment is a medium-sized K-pop agency which produces and manages careers of K-pop stars Son Dambi, Kahi, After School, NU’EST and HELLOVENUS.

YUEHUA Entertainment is the leading player in the Chinese music industry which has a branch office in Korea as the only Chinese entertainment firm.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Pledis Entertainment, YUEHUA Entertainment