From left, Korean male quartet 2AM members Seulong, Jinwoon, Jo Kwon and Changmin. [Big Hit Entertainment]

K-pop male quartet 2AM will drop their new release, eight months after they dropped the second Studio album “One Spring Day.”

2AM will release new five-track mini-album “NOCTURNE” on November 19, the group’s agency Big Hit Entertainment said on Friday.

While the recording process is soon to be finished and they’re about to film the new music video, TV promotional activities for the upcoming album seem to be impossible due to member Jinwoon’s injury.

Early October, Jinwoon suffered fracture of his right ankle and a 10cm-long laceration from a car accident which involved a vehicle Jinwoon rode in and a 25-ton truck in a collision at a tunnel located near the city of Mungyeong, Korea.

“We had no problem with recording because we revved up for the album before Jinwoon’s accident. Now he recovered as much as walking on crutches and is expected to alter for the better early December,” an official with Big Hit explained.

Instead of showing performances on TV music shows, 2AM is revving up to show the perfect live performance during the group’s upcoming concert to be held at the Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul on December 7 and 8.

Dubbed “2013 2AM Concert ‘NOCTURE,'” the year-end concert will then sweeten up Christmas at Los Angeles’ Club Nokia on December 15 and Taipei’s NK 101 on December 21.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment