Lee Soo-geun

Comedian and TV host Lee Soo-geun on the set of KBS’s variety show “Two Days and One Night.” [KBS]

Korean popular TV personality Lee Soo-geun has pleaded guilty to a charge of illegal gambling, while two other male stars Tak Jae-hoon and Tony An have been examined by the prosecution with the same charge.

An official with Lee Soo-geun’s agency SM C&C showed the official position of the star Monday morning that he would step down from all the TV shows he takes on and have time for self-restraint.

SBS’s “8 o’clock News” reported Sunday night that Lee, Tak and several male stars have been charged with illegal gambling. Tak and his agency has not showed their official positions yet.

Tony An, who get recently split up from his 18-year-younger girlfriend Hyeri of Girls’ Day, was also reported Monday morning to had gone trough the prosecution investigation last week.

While these stars’ illegal gambling case are still taken care by the prosecution’s office, the TV shows these stars are currently starring in will be directly affected by the case.

Last Thursday, Lee already taped the last episode of him on KBS’s variety show “Two Days and One Night,” set to leave the same channel’s sports variety show “Cool Kiz on the Block.”

An official with Tony An’s current cable TV show “20th Century Pretty Boy” (translated title) told TenAsia that they’re in an internal meeting since they just knew his case this morning and they have nothing to say about his position until the investigation result come out.

Tak, one of the popular TV hosts who appeared in numerous variety show including the second season of Mnet’s “Beatles Code,” was clouded with taking on the third season of the popular talk show.

This June, popular TV host Kim Yong-man received a suspended prison sentence for habitual illegal gambling.

Tak Jae-hoon

Korean TV personality Tak Jae-hoon. [KBS]

ony An

Former H.O.T member Tony An. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye-jung]


Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of KBS