Korean idol star Seungri of Big Bang (top left) on the poster of Japanese mobile drama “Youbicoi-a Message to You” (translated title). [UULA]

K-pop heavyweight Big Bang member Seungri has been cast in Japanese mobile drama.

Seungri will take on the role of Korean student studying in Japan, named Han Seung-ho, in Japanese mobile drama “Youbicoi-a Message to You” (translated title), his agency YG Entertainment said on Tuesday.

Set to be released through Japanese entertainment application UULA on December 4, the drama will center around innocent youth who feel difficult in showing their minds and choose to build their love through instant messages.

Co-starring Japanese actors Hongo Kanata, Terajima Susumu and Katagiri Jin, Seungri will portray pure and romantic first love of a man who comes over to Japan only to find his first love in childhood, YG explained.

“I studied hard for this drama, studying Japanese everyday and practice my lines word by word to deliver the pronunciation and nuance right. I’d like to show my new side through this drama,” Seungri said after wrapping up the filming.

The multi-faceted star also joined the theme song of the drama, “Thoughts drawing on the Sky” (translated title), Seungri’s first self-written original Japanese tune listed in the star’s Japan solo debut album “LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of UULA