K-pop group 2PM’s Chansung. [JYP Entertainment]

K-pop idol star Chansung of 2PM will show brotherly affection with actors Yoon Sang-hyun and Lee Kwang-woo on the big screen.

Changsung has been cast in new Korean film, tentatively titled “Deok-soo-ri Five Brothers,” crank in on Monday co-starring Yoon, Lee, film star Song Sae-byuk, Lee Ah-i and Kim Ji-min.

In the comic thriller centering on five brothers trying to rebuild family affection, the idol-turned-actor takes on would-be policeman Soo-geun of five brothers.

“We decided to cast Chansung after watching his diverse charms and deep emotions shown in dramas,” an official with the upcoming film explained.

Chansung, 23, took on his first major role in MBC’s romantic comedy “7th-grade Civil Servant” early this year and also starred in KBS’s one-act drama “Your Noir” (translated title).

“Deok-soo-ri Five Brothers” will be Chansung’s second big screen feature after his debut movie “Red Carpet,” slated to hit the local theaters next year.

Reporter, Cory Lee

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment