I Got C

From left, Hip-hop musician Gaeko of Dynamic Duo, TV personality Park Myung-soo and hip-hop producer Primary. [MBC]

Hip-hop producer Primary’s “I Got C,” comedian Park Myung-soo’s participating tune for the recent song festival of MBC’s variety show “Infinite Challenge,” has stopped its online sales after embroiled in a plagiarism issue.

“Infinite Challenge” announced through a press release on Wednesday that the popular show and Primary’s agency Amoeba Culture have decided to stop the online sales of “I Got C.”

“We apologize from the bottom of our heart for worrying viewers after Myung-soo and Primary’s ‘I Got C’ involved in controversy,” the long-running variety show said.

“I Got C,” the swing hip-hop jazz tune rolled out on November 2 and shot straight up to No. 1 on numerous music charts, caused a controversy with its similarity with Dutch musician Caro Emerald’s recent releases.

“We tried to express through song festivals our theme, ‘Music is not competitive, music is fun,’ but we faced unexpected situation after the show aired and tried to solve the problem with two parties but it seemed that we didn’t bring you only about ‘fun’.”

Amoeba Culture also released an official statement about the controversy the same day, showing their sincere apology for all the interested parties and their fans.

“We started this musical event with a good deed but began worrying that this meaningful event might lost its meaning because of this controversy. We, again, deeply sorry to the producing crew of ‘Infinite Challenge’ and everyone who showed deep interest and affection toward ‘I Got C’.”

The hip-hop based music label went on to say that, “We promise you that we’ll do our best effort to settle all the regrading issues down as fast as we can. And we’re going to keep support our producer Primary, whom we’ve been together for seven years, to work with more mature attitude.”

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of MBC